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Vossen wheels Classic V Valve Stem Cap Set

€ 39,00 Prijs

The Classic V valve stem caps are the perfect complement to your wheels, fitted with tiny o-rings inside the chrome housing and resistant to chipping, rust and fading. 

Rotiform Hex Colored Center Cap

€ 34,65 Prijs

"Rotiform" center cap inserts for the rotiform true-thread spin on caps.

* Fits threaded hex caps only

Vossen Wheels Hybrid Forged Billet Sport Center Caps

€ 200,00 Prijs

The Classic Billet Sport Cap offers different combinations of colors to personalize your Vossen Wheels. Starting as 6061 billet aluminum, the cap bezels are machined, hand-finished and powder coated in Vossen's Miami-based factory using the same finishes as Vossen Forged wheels.

Rotiform HEX tool

€ 39,66 Prijs

Tool for easy removal of all Rotiform threaded HEX centercaps. Composite construction.

Air lift performcane 3P Air Management 1/4"

€ 1.419,00 Prijs

AirLift Performance 3P Features

    - User Definable Pressure-based presets
    - Manual Control Mode for each bag (individually or combined)
    - Rise-on-Start
    - Automatic System Calibration