Air lift performance Autopilot V2 management pack 1/4"

€ 1.168,00

AutoPilot V2 Features

    - (8) User Definable pressure-based presets
    - Manual Control Mode for each bag (individually or combined)
    - Rise-on-Start
    - Automatic System Calibration
    - Compressor Wear-Down Testing
    - Compressor Timer
    - User Definable Compressor ON/OFF Pressure Setting
    - User Definable Controller Screen Backlight Color and Brightness
    - User Definable Unit of Measurement (PSI/BAR)


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For years, the air ride community cried out for an all-in-one, easy to install, user friendly and affordable digital management system. Most would consider such a system "too good to be true", until Air Lift unveiled the AutoPilot V2. A completely overhauled successor to the original AutoPilot, the AutoPilot V2 offers (8) user-definable pressure-based presets and comes nearly completely pre-wired out of the box. The handheld controller features a crisp LCD screen which displays four corner and tank pressure, saving you the hassle of installing analog gauges. Usable in both "preset mode" or "manual control mode", the AutoPilot V2 provides complete control over your air suspension system at a price point that cannot be beat.

Never before has there been a digital air ride management system as easy to install as the AutoPilot V2. The combined ECU/Manifold unit has built-in push-to-connect ports (available in both 1/4"ptc and 3/8"ptc) and pressure sensors- no more goofy looking transducers to install! The AutoPilot V2 Management Package includes everything you need to experience what enthusiasts everywhere are raving about.

AutoPilot V2 Management Includes:

    - Air Lift AutoPilot V2 System
    - Combined ECU/Manifold Unit
    - ECU/Manifold Mounting Hardware
    - AutoPilot V2 Controller and Harness
    - Pre-assembled ECu/Manifold Wiring Harness with built-in Compressor Relay
    - (2) In-line Fuse Holders (with fuses)
    - Wiring Terminals for hassle-free Installation