Prices and payment methods

The prices at the time of the order are applicable. All prices include VAT.

Payment of the goods will be made in accordance with the payment modalities that were offered to you.

Online payment in our webshop is done through a secure transaction. Your payment details and credit card information are only used for payment and never released to other parties. Online payment at KEAN Suspensions is 100% secure. We accept: EURO / Mastercard, Visa and Credit card. To protect your credit card data, your entire data is encrypted and sent to SSL servers and is therefore protected against access by third parties.

In general, the following rules apply to all payments by credit card: If a credit card is misused by an unlawful person, you can lodge an objection with your credit card company. In case of abuse, the amount will be refunded. Most credit card companies bear or all costs or limit your liability to an excess of no more than € 50.00.