At KEAN Suspensions we think that protection of data and personal data is important. In this privacy statement you will find all information about how we guarantee the privacy of our customers and users of our website. If after reading this agreement you still have questions or problems with our services or website, you can always contact us. This policy is also fully in accordance with the Global Data Protection Regulation (hereafter GDPR) of 25 May 2O18.

# 1. Who is protected by this privacy policy? Every natural person (private person) who leaves personal information with us. Company data is not covered by the GDPR.

# 2. What does 'processing of data' mean and who is responsible for this? The processing of data refers to every action that is performed on and with data. This includes storing, collecting, editing and deleting data. The person responsible for data processing is KEAN Suspensions. For specific questions about the data and their processing, please contact

# 3. What data do we process? Information that visitors leave on our website. We process, archive and use your personal data exclusively to enable the operation of the web application. After all, no valid order or registration is possible without your data.

# 4. What do we use this information for? KEAN Suspensions collects this information that is necessary to guarantee the optimal functioning of the online registration and / or orders on the site.

# 5. How do we secure your data? KEAN Suspensions has taken all possible legal and technical precautions to prevent unauthorized access to and unlawful use of this data. At KEAN Suspensions, all your personal information is stored in a secure database of the webshop. This cloud is protected to prevent unauthorized use. We also back up this data. This backup is stored in a cloud server from KEAN Suspensions. In this way, our data is always accessible to us and yet protected.

# 6. What if you do not succeed in protecting your data? According to the AVG, KEAN Suspensions should report any problem that occurs within 72 hours to all concerned with the safety of data of natural persons. We therefore do everything we can to solve these problems as quickly as possible and we update our security policy to prevent similar problems in the future. Company data is not covered by the GDPR. Because loss, damage or theft of these company data can damage the functioning of KEAN Suspensions, we will also communicate this with our customers if that is relevant.

# 7. Do we sell your information to third parties or do we pass on your details? KEAN Suspensions undertakes never to release your information or to sell it to third parties.

# 8. What are your rights and how can you exercise them? If you are a natural person, you always have the right to request, view, modify or delete your personal data. Please contact KEAN Suspensions by e-mail.

# 9. How long do we keep your personal information? Personal data of natural persons are kept up to 5 years after the last impression during the use of our website. Data from business customers can be stored because they are not covered by the AVG. Data in legal and historical documents can be kept as long as KEAN Suspensions exists.

# 10. What about our website, cookies and mobile apps? KEAN Suspensions uses so-called 'cookies' (small pieces of information written on the user's hard disk) to facilitate the use of the website. On our website we ask you in certain cases for personal information (for example with an order).