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AccuAir E-level+ Height

€729.00 Price

If you are wanting to get your vehicle to a certain height for parking, driving, or racing, you can simply use AccuAir’s Height+ TruPosition Height Sensors. These Height+ sensors provide accurate leveling regardless of load. 

AccuAir E-level+ Touchpad

€519.00 Price

AccuAir’s patented TouchPad+ is the latest technology in air suspension management.
This touchpad allows you to easily control your air suspension from the palm of your hand. 

AccuAir E-level+ Connect

€619.00 Price

If you are looking for an entry level control system that is simple while offering smartphone capabilities, the e+ Connect wireless controller is a great choice.

This wireless switch box allows for you to use the e+ app to wirelessly control your air suspension system and it can also be upgraded later down the road to the full e-Level+ system.

You can add great upgrades such as Height+ sensors and a TouchPad+ controller to get even more convenience and performance from this kit

While this kit is a very simple way to get convenient air system management, you will need a few other components to finish up your install.

You will need a manifold such as the AccuAir VU4 4 corner manifold to control the air in your system.

AccuAir E-level+ ECU upgrade

€519.00 Price

As one of the most highly anticipated, next generation air suspension controllers, AccuAir’s e-Level+ ECU Upgrade allows you to take your air suspension system to the next level.

AccuAir’s e+ Connect kit is going to allow you to have wireless control over your air suspension system through the e+ level app.

This kit will include the e+ Connect ECU+, wireless switch box, and the e-level+ app.

The system is the standard for our Starter, Premium, and Ultimate Packages and is a great way for you to manage your air suspension system.